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12 Natural Zinc Oxide Powders.
For Sunscreens and Personal Care Products. Designed to be tinted.

iron oxide
aluminium oxide

In combination with Zinc Oxide:
• Iron oxides enhance protection against skin damage – new results demonstrate HEV blocking powder in specialty skin care products 
formulated with iron oxides (Carlsbad, CA. 2020) ColoreScience.
• Iron oxides in novel skin care formulations attenuate blue light for enhanced protection against skin damage (Bernstein EF, et al. 2021)

FDA Position

The FDA sunscreen safety review, published 24/09/2021, has confirmed zinc oxide to be the only broad-spectrum UV Filter considered safe and effective, whilst these 12 UV Filters have been identified as potentially toxic and/or carcinogenic:

Identified as potentially toxic

and/or carcinogenic:





Padimate O








Non-Nano Statement

Australian distributor

Natural NPA Certified

Natural Products Associate Certified Zinc Oxide Powder
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Zinc Oxide used as a

Treatment since 2000BC

UVA/UVB/UVC & Blue Light 

Broad Spectrum

“Zinc had been in use during the regime of Pharaohs, and historical records show that Zinc Oxide was used in many ointments for the treatment of injuries and boils even in 2000BC.”

“Of the available sunscreens only zinc oxide provides effective protection across the UV band range of 240 to 400 nm, covering UCV (240 to 280 nm), UVB (280 – 320nm), UVA 2 (320 to 340 nm), and UVA 1 (340 to 400 nm).”

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