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• "Zinc (Zn) is a necessary micronutrient in the ocean” 
• “Dissolved Zn may therefore be an important control of distributions of surface productivity and the efficiency of the global carbon cycle.”

• "The limited supply of Zn to the surface Atlantic Ocean can explain the lack of an Atlantic Zn remineralization signal and indicates Zn might play a role in phytoplankton community composition and productivity."

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Reef Safe Organic Sunscreen Made with ZinClear XP

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We manufacture under strict TGA requirements and are fully GMP certified. We have warehouse facilities in the US and Europe to ensure stock is available for immediate delivery.

Vegan. Natural. Silicon Free.

Formulate certified organic, certified vegan, certified natural cosmetic products with our ingredients. Join brands such as Ethical Zinc, Sunbum, Lust Minerals and more in using natural ingredients.

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