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iron oxide
aluminium oxide

In combination with Zinc Oxide:
• Iron oxides enhance protection against skin damage – new results demonstrate HEV blocking powder in specialty skin care products 
formulated with iron oxides (Carlsbad, CA. 2020) ColoreScience.
• Iron oxides in novel skin care formulations attenuate blue light for enhanced protection against skin damage (Bernstein EF, et al. 2021)

ZinClear XP is designed to provide exceptional UVB (SPF – 280nm to 320nm) and UVA (Broad Spectrum – 320nm to 400nm) protection while minimizing reflection in the visible spectra (400nm+) which causes the ‘white cast’ on the skin.

• Adding iron oxides further diminish white cast on skin, especially important for darker skin tones, but welcomed by all.
• Iron oxides provide protection against all visible light, including blue light.
• Darker skin tones are more susceptible to immediate pigment darkening when exposed to visible light.
• Check out this reference to a 1991 paper from the JAMA dermatology; Efficiency of Opaque 
Photoprotective Agents in the Visible Light Range (Kaye, ET, et al., 1991).

Non-Nano Zinc Oxide

ZinClear 1L Natural Zinc Oxide Powder Samples. Design to be tinted.

  • Formulate To SPF50+

  • Transparent

  • Non-Nano

  • Silicon Free

  • Vegan Natural

  • Uncoated Zinc Oxide

sunscreen distributor
  • 15+ Distributors in over 25+ Countries 

We manufacture under strict TGA requirements and are fully GMP certified. We have warehouse facilities in the US and Europe to ensure stock is available for immediate delivery.

Vegan. Natural. Silicon Free.

Formulate certified organic, certified vegan, certified natural cosmetic products with our ingredients. Join brands such as Ethical Zinc, Sunbum, Lust Minerals and more in using natural ingredients.

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