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Zinc Oxide Safety

  • “Treatment with both types of uncoated ZnO nanoparticles mobilized pathways and responses centered on cellular stress, survival and apoptosis.” [Study used in article from CSIRO.]

  • “A new study led by two Australian universities has found evidence that zinc oxide nanoparticles used in sunscreen does not cause cellular toxicity even after repeated applications.” [ Journal of Investigative Dermatology Study]

hydrating sunscreen


“In a study in which a 25% zinc oxide patch (2.9mg/cm2) was placed on human skin for 48 hours, there was no evidence of dermal irritation.”

Zinc Wound Healing

“Of all natural and synthetic wound dressing materials, the chitosan hydrogel microporous bandages laced with zinc oxide nanoparticles developed by Kumar et al are highly effective in treating burns, wounds and diabetic foot ulcers.”

Zinc Oxide used as a

Treatment since 2000BC

“Zinc had been in use during the regime of Pharaohs, and historical records show that Zinc Oxide was used in many ointments for the treatment of injuries and boils even in 2000BC.”

UVA/UVB/UVC & Blue Light 

Broad Spectrum

“Of the available sunscreens only zinc oxide provides effective protection across the UV band range of 240 to 400 nm, covering UCV (240 to 280 nm), UVB (280 – 320nm), UVA 2 (320 to 340 nm), and UVA 1 (340 to 400 nm).”

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Zinc Vegan Organic Sunscreen Made with ZinClear XP

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We manufacture under strict TGA requirements and are fully GMP certified. We have warehouse facilities in the US and Europe to ensure stock is available for immediate delivery.

Vegan. Natural. Silicon Free.

Formulate certified organic, certified vegan, certified natural cosmetic products with our ingredients. Join brands such as Ethical Zinc, Sunbum, Lust Minerals and more in using natural ingredients.

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